What LGBT Students Want You To Know About Being A Better Ally

Want to know how you can be a good ally to your LGBT friends? Listen up.

As part of GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign, the organization visited three colleges and asked students how others can be better allies to the LGBT community.

While being open-minded and positive may seem like obvious ways to show your support, there are some other things you can do that you might not have thought of.

"It might seem almost contradictory to say, but I think a really valuable quality in an ally is knowing when not to speak... knowing when not to speak over people who don't always have the opportunity to speak," said one student.

The bottom line? Being a better ally means being consistent and taking initiative.

"I think being an ally can't be timely for you. You can't just retreat back into privilege," one student explained.

"Taking it upon yourself to educate yourself," added another. "No one's ever gonna do that for you."

To learn more on how you can be a better ally, visit here.

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