LGBT And Muslim People Are Stronger Together In Trump's America

America is a country built by minorities and today we're running the risk of electing Donald Trump on a platform of segregation and xenophobia. That's all been very well documented, but the idea of Hillary Clinton's America, one that is "Stronger together" is worth revisiting on the last day of a long and arduous election.

The presidential election is bigger than the Super Bowl in America. Presidential election night has decidedly been made a huge event where people can see how their right to vote impacts their nation.

We've already seen that Trump voters are less educated and have almost no political voice. It's important to highlight because these people are almost always found in places with high levels of prejudice. By supporting Trump, they undercut the foundations of democracy.

Filmmakers, Akram Shibly and Brenden Gregory have created a new film to prove that Trump and his supporters are wrong. In their short film, "Our America" they show how LGBT people and Muslims growing up in America have a lot to learn and share with one another. Through visiting an LGBT center and a mosque, each of the filmmakers learn something about the other and in turn learns how to work together.

This is an election of tremendous consequence and there is only one presidential candidate who will push forward the politics of a united America: Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake, America is already great, and electing the first female president of the United States will make it even greater.