LGBT Athletes Offer Surprising Thoughts On The 'Perfect Body'

A compelling new video brings together a diverse group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) athletes to discuss what the "perfect body" means to them.

Pat Manuel, Robbie Rogers, Julie Shaw and Lypheng Kim open up in this video from Buzzfeed, offering nuanced and candid thoughts about the idea of a "perfect body" -- both for them personally and from a larger, cultural perspective.

"As someone that's struggled with body issues, not only with gender dysphoria but as a black man," Manuel shared, "When I was younger I wanted to look like a tall, lean swimmer... but that is not my body type."

"The 'perfect body' also comes with race," Kim says. "Why is the world idolizing the perfect white image?"

The overarching narrative of the video is one of self-acceptance -- learning to recognize and accept your own body as "perfect," despite the message from the world around us. 

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