Marriage Equality: LGBT Religious Leaders Speak Out On The Spiritual Value Of Gay Marriage

The debate over the rights of same sex couples to marry most often uses the legal language of equal rights. Religious voices, when they included, are largely culled from the conservative corner. However, for these LGBT religious leaders below, the question of marriage is not purely legal, but rather spiritual and religious.

The following essays by religious leaders offer spiritual perspectives on the importance of marriage equality. Some of them are married themselves and have poignant personal stories to tell of how love and spirituality have joined in their lives.

All of them have important messages of the value of marriage for all people, regardless of sexual orientation.

The Amazing Grace Of Same-Sex Marriage

Religion and Gay Marriage

The essays can be read here:
"The Amazing Grace of Same-Sex Marriage" by Rev. Patrick S. Cheng
"The Holiness of Loving Against All Odds" by Rev. Emily Heath
"Gay Marriage and the Buddha's Path to Spiritual Freedom" by Larry Yang
"Unpacking the Ketubah: Reflections of a Rabbi Mrs." by Rabbi Andrea Myers
"A Seal Upon My Heart" by Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge
"What Marriage Means To Me" by Rev. Malcolm Boyd
"Marriage Equality Through a Sacramental Lens" by Rt. Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool
"What Marriage Means To Me" by Dr. Emilie Townes
"Why It Is Essential For The Church To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage" by Bishop Yvette Flunder

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