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LGBT Milestones In Pop Culture: The Watershed Moments That Got Us Where We Are Today (TIMELINE)

My, how far we've come. As the country celebrates LGBT Pride Month, a quick look back at popular culture's contributions to the growing acceptance of gay culture shows a clear portrait of the progress that's been made. A mere 20 years ago, advertisers were threatening to pull their funding from networks that aired gay content. Now such subject matter seems inescapable, with the slate of LGBT programming both expanding and strengthening, from the camp of "Glee" to the more serious subtext found on shows like "Mad Men" and "Downton Abbey."

With all types of entertainment joining in on the conversation, it's high time to recognize the strides that pop culture has made on behalf of the LGBT community. Scroll through the timeline below for some of the century's most significant watershed moments in the world of entertainment.

Celebrities Who've Come Out As LGBT