LGBT State Of The Date Reveals Optimistic Views On Dating, Romance: OneGoodLove Survey

The dating scene can be like diving into a shark tank, but lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) singles are highly optimistic that 2013 will bring true love.

A staggering 87 percent of LGBT singles surveyed in a new poll are optimistic they will find love over the year, with 39 percent identifying themselves as "very" or "extremely" optimistic. The survey also found that lesbians have the edge over gay men when it comes to their optimism.

The 2013 "LGBT State of the Date" report surveyed over 500 members of OneGoodLove.com, a relationship-focused online dating service focused on the community.

The survey also found that sixty-five percent say they are more likely to consider marriage as their long-term dating goal as states pass marriage equality legislation. Many were more traditional, too, with 52 percent saying that their ideal first date is a dinner date, and 41 percent reporting that they wanted children one day.

Check out more results from the survey here.

Check out a selection of stats from the "LGBT State of the Date" report below:

2013 LGBT State Of The Date'