LGBT Students Harassed At Colleges Nationwide, New Report Says

LGBT Students Harassed At Colleges Nationwide, New Report Says

A recent report from advocacy group Campus Pride found that many lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals feel uncomfortable on campus.

Approximately 25 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual students and university employees have been harassed due to their sexual orientation, as well as a third of those who identify as transgender, according to the study and reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The study asked 5,150 people at about 100 colleges about their experiences last year.

The report, titled "The 2010 State of Higher Education for LGBT People," was conducted by Campus Pride's Q Research Institution of Higher Education. Although previous studies have shown that LGBT students are consistently discriminated against throughout elementary and high school, this report (available for purchase through Campus Pride) is the first to document incidences of harassment at the collegiate level.

According to the Miami Herald, Dr. Susan Rankin, the primary author of the report, concluded: "Unequivocally, the 2010 State of Higher Education for LGBT People demonstrates that LGBTQ students, faculty and staff experience a 'chilly' campus climate of harassment and far less than welcoming campus communities."

The report offers institutions of higher education a number of recommendations designed to foster a more welcoming campus for LGBT community members. Suggestions range from offering health insurance coverage to same-sex partners of university employees to providing gender and sexuality training to staff members in athletic departments and residence-life. According to the Chronicle, more than seventy such procedural recommendations are given by the report.

On Thursday, Campus Pride will hold a U.S. Congressional briefing at the Capitol to further discuss findings.

Are you an LGBT student or ally who has experienced discrimination on campus? Tell us how you feel below.

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