LGBT Wellness Roundup: April 7

Here's How One Expert Says We Can Slow The Spread Of HIV

Each week HuffPost Gay Voices, in a partnership with blogger Scout, LGBT HealthLink and researcher Susana Fajardo, brings you a round up of some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories from the past seven days. For more LGBT Wellness visit our page dedicated to the topic here.

Want To Slow HIV? Build Stronger Communities
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In an op-ed The Fenway Institute’s Sean Cahill argues that fewer LGBT spaces combined with more dating and hookup sites may be helping to spread HIV. We know that people who have strong social support are less likely to have risky sex. What’s Cahill’s idea to slow HIV transmission? Build community. Great idea! Why not look up your local LGBT community center today and go on over for a visit?
Who Gets More Aroused: Bi or Monosexual Women?
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Queer women are constantly bombarded with sexual health advice but are rarely asked a key question: how much are you enjoying it? Researchers investigating arousal among women found that arousal levels differed distinctly along the sexuality spectrum. Generally bi women had the highest levels of arousal and, perhaps unsurprisingly, were equally turned on no matter their partner’s gender. Obviously bi women have the upper hand here.
Bi Women: 5 Suggestions for Better Health
We know bi women have a host of health disparities, including smoking more and higher rates of mental health problems. Well, Autostraddle has a great article for bi women on how to take better care of their health. It’s a great windup for #BHAM, or Bisexual Health Awareness Month, and we love how so much of it is common sense we all could learn from.
Religious Freedom Laws Buckle, But Our Health Still Takes a Hit
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Indiana has successfully become the flag-bearer for LGBT discrimination in the last two weeks. Even though they modified their law under national pressure last week, only time will tell what this means for the many other “religious freedom” laws on the books and being considered. Two things are clear: our mental health takes a hit when discrimination is codified and even the modified laws do not yet offer full nondiscrimination protections.
Depression Linked To Realizing LGB Identity for Teens
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A rare longitudinal study found a link between forming an LGB (no T) identity and depressive symptoms in young adults. They did not find the same association with depression once the identity was stabilized, only during the coming out period. The author said, “Supporting people during this time-period may be critical for improving their mental health.”
One Step Closer To Doctors Collecting LGBT Data
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Why do we want LGBT data collection in doctor’s offices? As just one example of dozens of reasons: until we do we won’t ever get data on our higher cancer rates. So, we’re happy this week that HHS put out a proposed rule asking for comments on LGBT data collection. Are you an LGBT data wonk or play one on TV? Please tell the feds we need to be counted!
NCTE Wins April Fools For Transgender Bathroom Story
National Center for Transgender Equality stole our hearts and won April Fools this year with their news story about a new laboratory that will develop transgender people who no longer need to pee. This was directly mocking bathroom bills in several states which would force all trans people to use the bathrooms of their birth sex. Answering ridiculousness with more ridiculousness -- perfect.

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