LGBT Wellness Roundup: March 27

Here's Some Good LGBT News About Indiana

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Some Good LGBT News About Indiana
John J. Miller Photogrpahy via Getty Images
As Indiana was in the news a lot this week over signing what’s been called the worst LGBT legislation into law, we’re happy to report a bit of good news about the state. Their Department of Health contacted LGBT HealthLink and brought us out to train their tobacco and cancer staff in LGBT inclusion. We were more than heartened about the plans the staff came up with to enhance their work. We commend them for staying science driven in an environment which clearly isn’t as welcoming.
Federal Court: Obamacare Prohibits Anti-Trans Discrimination
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A federal judge just ruled that under Obamacare health care providers cannot discriminate against trans patients! The ruling says that Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act allows trans patients to sue if they are discriminated against because of their gender identity. This ruling will help trans patients get compensation if they are mistreated and could have widespread effects. Obviously, this isn’t a total fix but it’s a huge step in the right direction.
Today’s Great Idea: Office of LGBTQ Affairs
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Santa Clara County is moving to create an Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Affairs. Their plan is to have the office tackle the county’s queer youth homelessness, discrimination in nursing homes, unequal medical treatment, as well as other problems that are unique to the local LGBT population. This all sounds like music to our ears. Can everywhere do this, please?
New Care Guidelines For Elderly LGBT Patients
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The American Geriatrics Society recently voiced their support for fair treatment of elderly LGBT patients and released guidelines for how to make that happen. These guidelines are meant for geriatric care, but really should be followed by all health care providers: respect patient rights, ask patient preferences, be open, don’t judge, and stay informed.
Bullying Causes More Suicidal Thoughts for LGB Teens
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Everyone knows that bullying is straight up awful, but its effects may be worse for LGB teens. A new study found that although both straight and LGB teens were bullied, the LGB teens thought about suicide more than their straight peers. The researchers thought that dealing with stigma or a lack of social support on top of bullying is causing worse mental health for LGB teens. It’s worth repeating: being a teen is hard, but being an LGBT teen can be harder.
Is Being A Queer Ally Good For Your Health?
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Researchers haven’t often studied the benefits of being an LGBT ally, but in an interesting new study they did just that and found that our allies reported a series of benefits, including: upholding justice and greater sense of community belonging. They conclude being an LGBT ally is rewarding and may enhance sense of well-being.
Several States Claiming “Irreparable Harm” From Our Health
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If you remember just a few weeks ago we were all excited the Family Medical Leave Act would now cover married couples no matter where they resided. Well, thanks to the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Nebraska claiming “Irreparable harm” from this policy expansion, it’s now blocked by a court order. But note you can still use it for your kids, even if you’re not married. Still, we call crowing this the silliest news this week.

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