LGBT Wellness Roundup: May 17

Here's Why We Should ALL Be Getting Our HPV Vaccines

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Newsflash: Everyone Should Be Getting Their HPV Vaccines
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A new study found that lesbian women were a third as likely as straight women to have started getting HPV vaccinations. Bi women, on the other hand, were 50% more likely to have started getting them. HPV is by far the biggest cause of cervical cancer, so it’s a good idea for everyone to get vaccinated. That goes for men too! HPV causes penile, anal, and throat cancer and 60% of bi and gay men already have HPV. Bottom line: everybody, get your HPV shots!
New York State Launches New Trans Health Initiative
New York State's Attorney General says "All New Yorkers Deserve Equal Access To Quality Medical Care Regardless Of Their Gender Identity" and he's backing it up by launching a new trans health initiative. They're planning trainings for providers across the state. Let's hope other states are taking note.
Living Together Boosts Health for LGB Seniors
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A study looking at relationships between LGB (no T) seniors found that living with a partner boosted overall health and decreased depression, regardless of the length of the relationship. Seeing as there are 1.5 million LGB seniors in the U.S., it turns out helping senior LGB couples would just be a smart idea, health-wise. Forgive us if we don’t die of shock.
Assisted Reproductive Services An Issue for Trans Folks
Martin Barraud
A recent study looked at the experiences of trans folks using assisted reproductive services and overall it was pretty negative. The big problems? Issues with clinic documents, cisnormative and heteronormative assumptions by providers, and clinics refusing to serve trans clients. How sad is it that we’re not surprised?
Feds: Insurers Must Cover Preventative Care for Trans Patients
Aping Vision / STS
The Department of Health and Human Services just issued new guidelines protecting trans patients. Now, all insurers must cover free, comprehensive preventative care for trans patients, regardless of gender identity or what gender is listed on documents.
FDA Sticks to Its Guns on Blood Donation
Bad news on blood donation: the FDA released a draft of a new blood donation policy but, sadly, still plans to only allow gay and bi men to donate if they’ve been abstinent for a year. Basically, sexually active queer men are banned for life. This is a disappointment. Men want to donate and hospitals want blood. Why not make everyone happy?
Physicians Are On Our Side!
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The American College of Physicians did a review of LGBT health and we love it! They now officially support same-sex marriage, comprehensive trans healthcare, data collection on LGBT health and acceptance of all gender identities and sexual orientations, among other things. After reporting on so many problems with heath care providers, it’s refreshing to see that physicians want queer health to be a priority.
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