LGBT Wellness Roundup: May 2

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Federal Education Law Protects Transgender Students
John Churchman via Getty Images
Trans advocates are calling Title IX a breakthrough, after the Obama Administration and the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights have clarified the meaning of the federal law as prohibiting discrimination “based on gender or failure to conform to stereotypical notion of masculinity or femininity,” and will protect transgender and gender-nonconforming students.
Condom Criminalization Concerns New Yorkers
Oppenheim Bernhard via Getty Images
Advocates in New York City are seeking the ban on the use of condoms as evidence in prostitution cases. Proponents of ending the “criminalization of condoms” say that it is not only counter-productive to harm reduction, but is often used against transgender people, who are profiled as sex workers.
Financial Impact Of Care Felt More By Minority Breast Cancer Survivors
Chad Baker via Getty Images
Researchers have found that minority women are most vulnerable to breast cancer-related financial decline -- from bills going unpaid to losing their homes. These finding highlight the benefits of expanded Medicaid eligibility through the Affordable Care Act, as well as the need for improved communication between patients and doctors. LGBT people, who face increased risks of breast cancer and lower rates of preventative care, can take heart in this study’s findings around Medicaid and doctor-patient communication.
Growing Concers Around Gay Teen Steroid Use
momcilog via Getty Images
A study out this week highlights the growing trend of steroid use among gay and bisexual teens. The study -- which brings up concerns around both physical and mental health -- cites the increase in use as a response to bullying and the “hypervisibility of the masculine body” in the media.
Groundbreaking Trans Health Book
Jan Stromme via Getty Images
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, set to hit bookstores mid-May, was written by 200+ contributors on topics ranging from “race, religion, disabilities, employment, mental health, sexuality and parenting” hearkening to the 1970’s feminist health-resource book “Our bodies, Our Selves.” The book’s press release came out last week, at the same time as a study by California’s Department of Insurance, which shows that when health insurance companies allow transition related care, suicide attempts, substance use and mental health burdens are reduced, as well as an increase in medical adherence and employment for trans patients.
Calls for Resignation after Pasadena CA Health Director’s Homophobic Tirade
John Lamb via Getty Images
In light of Dr. Eric Walsh's antigay comments, people are calling for his resignation from his position as Pasadena’s Public Health Director, citing how stigma and homophobia in health services has led to poor health outcomes for LGBT peoples.

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