LGBT Wellness Roundup: September 20

The Effects Of Delaying Puberty For Trans Youth

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Delaying Puberty
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How We Age
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There's a cluster of studies out this week on older LGBT people. In one quality of life was found to be negatively impacted by discrimination, while mental health was improved if people accepted their sexuality but negatively impacted by disclosure of that sexuality, authors note the differences has a large impact on the oldest of the old. Another study showed almost 1/3 of midlife and older people had some fear of disclosing their sexuality and were less comfort accessing care services. A needs assessment in Minnesota explored how most LGBT seniors had a primary caregiver who was not a legal relation. Yet another study showed loneliness was also found to be an issue for many LGBT seniors. Luckily the William Way Center in Philadelphia is pioneering housing for low-income LGBT seniors, which may help alleviate some burdens faced by this population.
From The Trenches
A doctor in LA is requesting the CDC prioritize investigation of meningitis, a vaccine-preventable disease, among gay men after 11 new cases and 3 deaths have been reported.
Transitioning As Parents
A study of relationship between transgender parents and their children found that almost all had good relationships with their children, but that being a parent often delays the gender transition process.
Proving Things We Understand
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Abuse due to transgender identity and depression among trans women were found to relate to substance abuse in a study that also called for better substance abuse treatment program for transgender people.
Canadians Recommending Campaign Aimed At Bisexual Stigma
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A study in Canada again highlights worse health outcomes, increased sexual risk taking, and more abuse among non-monosexual women than lesbians or heterosexual women. The authors call for a campaign aimed at bisexual stigma or a sexual education campaign aimed at vulnerable women.

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