LGBT Wellness Roundup: September 5

Incarcerated and Unemployed: Confronting Trans Discrimination

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Incarcerated and Unemployed: Confronting Trans Discrimination
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A new review of research and current policies regarding incarcerated transgender people discusses mental health needs, and the status of trans healthcare in prisons, also sites the overrepresentation of trans people in prison. Ontario’s cool community based participatory trans research project, TransPULSE, has come out with a new report showing trans people in Ontario have high rates of unemployment and underemployment, citing discrimination as a core reason. The links between unemployment and incarceration are not lost on us.
In Memory
Andrew Cray, LGBT health advocate who worked for the Center for American Progress passed away from oral cancer last week. We all thank him for years of work, particularly his recent role in securing bulletins prohibiting insurance exclusions for trans care in DC and nine states. He's memorialized elegantly by his friend, and coworker, Kellan Baker.
CVS Serving US Better
In March we blogged about the pending CVS changes to stop selling tobacco and what that means for the LGBT communities. Since then CVS has changed it’s name, ceased selling tobacco products (saying they can’t justify selling medicine and tobacco in the same location), and to top it off is now marketing themselves with LGBT inclusive advertisements.
When the Feds Fund LGBT Health The Right Wing Calls It Waste
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A federally funded study on sexual orientation and obesity is making headlines in right wing papers for wasteful spending. The Washington Post tries some basic support of the study, noting obesity is a major public health concern. We say kudos that NIH is making sure to include at least one study on us for one of the top public health crises today.
Lesbian? Out? Depressed?
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In a new study measuring the relationship between how “out” lesbians are and depression over 50% of participants reported lifetime history of depression at baseline and disclosure effects on depression varied by ethnic/racial identity, the authors urged more study of racial/ethnic variations.
Not So Safe At Home
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Two new studies show that LGBT people experience higher rates of domestic violence than the general population: triple the rate for men, and 75% more for women cohabitating with same sex partners, while 34.6 % of trans people reported history of domestic violence.

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