#LGBTFacts, Hijacked Twitter Hashtag, Pokes Fun At Anti-Gay User With Parody Tweets

The Best (And Worst) Of Hijacked #LGBTFacts Anti-Gay Twitter Hashtag

A Twitter user dedicated to "spreading the truth about the abhorrent homosexual lifestyle" can't be too thrilled by the recent pro-gay "hijacking" of the #lgbtfacts hashtag for more humorous purposes.

Though its legitimacy is, of course, questionable, @LGBTFacts has offered up some incredibly offensive statements on Twitter about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and allies. Among the many tweets:

And yet another:

Whoever the source behind the account is, their plan seems to have backfired, as apparently pro-gay users have "hijacked" its hashtag, with some hilarious results.

Check out a slideshow featuring both legitimate and hijacked tweets below:

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