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15 Cute And Queer Etsy Shops Everyone Should Support


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When it comes to supporting queer folks, there’s more you can do than donate to empowering causes like HRC and GLAAD (though don’t get us wrong ― that’s really important, too).

But, supporting the art and creativity of folks with messages of social justice is also an important part of empowering a community, like by shopping black-owned and latinx-owned shops. That’s why we reached out to the trendsetters at Etsy to learn more about the importance of safe, open and diverse places for queer folks to share their work.

Etsy is proud to foster a creative space for all people to express themselves,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s trend expert. “It’s important to have a safe and open community where people with diverse interests and lifestyles can share their unique items with the world.”

Sounds like something we can get behind. Take a look below at our 15 favorite queer-friendly Etsy shops. And, if you want more of our editor-sourced products and reviews, sign up for HuffPost’s sales and deals newsletter.

Take a look:

La Facade
The founders of La Facade describe themselves as "[a] duo of visual artists illustrating a sensual universe inspired including lesbian and queer environment." Check out their shop here.
sootmegs is an Etsy shop dedicated to making badges to help make the invisible visible, with pins that say things like, "You are making me nervous," and "Let's not talk about politics." Take a look at their shop here.
Harlequin Works
Harlequin Works is a collection of corsets, waistcoats, dresses, trousers, furniture, jewelry and many other things designed for every gender. Check out their shop here.
Mary Mack Wear
Mary Mack Wear draws, designs and screen prints by hand bandanas, badges and prints for social movements, queer identity and environmental justice. Check out their shop here.
Holly Mac Draws
Holly Mac Draws specializes in unique handmade illustrated prints and cards all designed by Holly Macdonald. Check out their shop here.
Wild Fancy Design
Wild Fancy Design is a destination for sassy handmade jewelry and accessories. Check out their shop here.
Scene Designs
Scene Designs creates high-quality and modern LGBT cards for important life moments. Check out their shop here.
Rebirth Garments
Rebirth Garments is a collection of gender non-conforming lingerie for all bodies. Check out their shop here.
Jacob V Joyce
Jacob V Joyce is an artist who creates works that are all "designed to bash back against white supremacist, heteronormative, patriarchal oppression while keeping it cute." Take a look at their shop here.
Hello Productive
Hello Productive is an Etsy shop that specializes in LGBT baby apparel. Check out their shop here.
Meg Brown Ceramics
Meg Brown is genderqueer artist who creates "ceramics that reflect my personality, my sexual and political viewpoints, and the fun amazing adversity of the tough-n-tender queer community." Check out their shop here.
Papersaurus Creative
Julia and Sara, the creatives behind Papersaurus Creative, launched their line of inclusive LGBT cards after they received a collection of gender neutral cards for their own wedding in 2009. Though they loved the gender neutral sentiment, they wanted to create cards that better fit the diverse couples out there. Check out their shop here.
Kiernan Dunn
Kiernan Dunn is a New Orleans based printmaker and zinester who creates feminist and LGBTQ-friendly creations. Check out their shop here.
Lovestruck Prints
Lovestruck has a collection of cute clothing, accessories, illustrations and gifts for your queer and feminist BFFs. Check out their shop here.
WildHeart Boutique
WildHeart Boutique creates handmade LGBTQ jewelry and accessories, from badgers and pins to rings and gifts. Check out their shop here.

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.