These LGBTQ+ Proposal Stories Will Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy

You can *really* feel the love! 🌈

When you consider all the thought, time and effort a partner puts into planning a memorable marriage proposal, it’s enough to turn your heart to mush.

It doesn’t matter if they pop the question in a super low-key way, if they orchestrate something more extravagant or if it falls somewhere in between. All that matters is that your partner wants to spend their life with you ― and what could be romantic than that?

Below, we’ve gathered 12 LGBTQ+ proposals stories that are just really freakin’ sweet.

1. Patrick + Matthew
“Patrick and I started dating in July 2016. By September, we had told each other, 'I love you.' Day after that, I bought the ring. He is the most special person I have ever met, and loving him is the best thing I’ll ever do with my life. I proposed on his birthday, Jan. 19. He made me promise not to propose at Disneyland ― Disney’s super special to us. So I didn’t propose at Disneyland. I proposed at Disney California Adventure ― thank God for loopholes! We were married this past August. It was everything; HE’S everything. So thankful for our happily ever after.” ― Matthew Markulis
2. Allie + Sam
"We actually had two proposals! I popped the question back in July, and it was a total shock to Sam. We'd been together 3.5 years and I told her I'd never propose..."
"... Anyways, I've been waiting for a ring ever since. In November, she told me we were going to scope out a wedding venue at our favorite park, so we took our dog Lily and met our wedding planner there. Little did I know, they'd set up a beautiful arbor and candles, and Sam got down on one knee and proposed. To top it all off, she took me out to dinner, and I was stunned that all of my friends were there! It was so exciting to celebrate with everyone! When we got home, our Christmas tree was decorated with photos of us from over the years, and I had so many sweet gifts to unwrap. I can't wait to marry this sweet girl!" ― Allie
3. Jennie + Joanna
"As cliché as it may sound, Joanna was one in a million, and I knew it from the moment I met her. She was genuine and kind. She came into my life when I wasn't even expecting it. I never thought I would ever date someone with children because I didn't even think I would want children. However, these three little hearts opened mine to a world I never knew: true unconditional love. The way she loved them made me fall in love with her even more.

I asked the two oldest boys for their permission to marry their mother. It was important to me they were part of the decision, as they were the men of the house. Without hesitation, they did. We planned the whole thing together! They were the only ones who knew that our family 'Easter' photos were actually a surprise engagement photo shoot. I was extremely nervous, but Tara, a good friend [and the photographer], made everything easier. She captured one of the best moments of my life: my now-wife saying yes to marrying me!" ― Jennie Romano
4. Kayla + Loren
"The photographer Albert and I came up with the idea for me to propose on the Hogwarts Express [at Universal Studios]. My fiancée Loren (who uses they/them pronouns), ever the planner, was furious that we were skipping all the attractions on the itinerary we spent hours planning just to ride the train. They didn’t speak to me the entire time in line! Finally, we sat on the train, and Albert motions for me to sit next to him across from my fiancée. As he is setting up this very obvious and huge camera (Loren still hasn’t caught on!) he sneakily texts me, 'Now.' I lean in slightly and Loren is shaking their head saying that I was in the way of Albert taking his tourist pictures! I couldn’t help but laugh because they didn’t even know the half of it. I finally get down on one knee with the ring in the chocolate frog box and start my proposal with, 'Are you still mad at me?' Loren puts it all together, starts to tear up, and we’ve been happily engaged ever since!" ― Kayla S.
5. Jan-Kristòf + Kellan
Courtesy of the couple
"Kellan planned to invite a group of our friends up to Rainbow Mountain Lodge in Pennsylvania to propose to me in front of everyone. However, he changed his mind, thinking that I would probably be upset if I knew that our friends were coming to stay with us during our anniversary weekend. The day after we got there, we hiked up Resort Point Overlook, where Kellan planned to propose at the top of the mountain with the sunset in the background ― except that he forgot the ring! Moments like this honestly remind me how much I love our lives; we just truly keep each other entertained. We went back to the hotel room, where he presented me with this box of photographs, which were a collection of the most memorable places we have been in the last 10 years, and notes, which he had written our story on. He then got on his knees and popped the question with the ring in hand. The picture of him kneeling was for the engagement pictures taken in Central Park in New York." ― Jan-Kristòf Louis-Mansano
6. Quinn + Evelyn
“June 18, 2018, is the day that will forever be my best. It’s the day that Evelyn sat next to me with a wine glass of lemonade and a mouth full of turkey sandwich while I nervously watched in anticipation of asking the most important question I’ve ever asked in my entire life. My heart was beating 1,000 times a minute and Evelyn was finishing her lunch ― I was way too nervous to eat anything. I finally got on one knee while pulling out my handmade sign and the ring and asked Evelyn, 'Will you marry me?' With a very surprised look and tears coming to both our eyes, Evelyn spoke the most important word that I have longed to hear for so long: 'YES!'" ― Quinn S.
7. Cameron + Maggie
Courtesy of the couple
"When Cameron and I met, we had no idea we would end up here. We went from strangers to best friends, roommates to more than friends, and two short months later, we became engaged. He gave me a puppy who was wearing a tag that said, 'Will you marry me?' After a moment, he asked, 'Well?!' So I said, 'If I say no, do I get to keep the puppy?' He said no, I said yes, and when he’s rotten, I tell everyone he tricked me into this marriage with a puppy. 😂..."
Courtesy of the couple
"... We had our ceremony in 2013 but waited for marriage equality to pass before officially tying the knot because it just felt wrong that we could marry because of a changed gender marker when so many of our friends still could not. It gave my hopeless romantic of a husband the chance to propose again, this time with a scavenger hunt, surrounded by friends. He swears he will never stop asking, and I swear I’ll never stop saying yes." ― Maggie Hurley
8. Jeroen + Amar
"Straight from the start, I knew Amar was the one that I would spend my life with. Amar is an architect and loves special sustainable projects like the High Line in New York City. So I prepared our trip in detail, including a paparazzi photographer to take pictures of the moment that I would propose. On the High Line, I fell to my knees and asked him to become my husband. Even though I knew he would say yes, I still was somewhat nervous. But he did, indeed, say yes, and suddenly a group of people who surrounded us started to applaud. We revisited that specific spot three times that week. It will be always our romantic spot in New York." ― Jeroen W.
9. Jackie + Beth
"Beth and I had both decided that we wanted to propose to each other, but we had no idea that we’d be proposing within 24 hours of each other. I’d been planning for months to propose to her on our anniversary in Tower Grove Park [in St. Louis], where we’d gone for several of our first dates. I planned every detail to be as personal and sentimental as possible – I coordinated a group of her closest friends and family, flew in her best friends from out of town, gathered branches from the park to have turned into a wooden engagement ring for her. And when the date rolled around, I hung string lights from our go-to hammocking trees and rolled out our favorite vintage rug from my grandma. I told Beth I wanted to have an anniversary picnic in the park (which, bless her heart, she agreed to, even though it had been cold and rainy all day). As soon as we turned the corner and Beth saw the string lights, she started crying. She said yes, and all of our friends came out from behind the bushes to surprise Beth (again) and celebrate with us.” ― Jackie P.
“What Jackie didn’t know was that I was planning on proposing to her the very next morning at our favorite farmers market, in the same park where she had proposed to me. I went to the market early, talked to all our favorite vendors, and set up a scavenger hunt through the market for her. I left notes, pictures and our favorite market foods at each booth. My last note asked her to meet me at the stone ruins in the park, just outside the market. As soon as I saw her walking towards me with tears in her eyes and arms full of herbs and veggies, I completely forgot everything I had planned to say — it became the happiest blur that ended with a ring on Jackie’s finger and a celebratory breakfast with friends, featuring all the food Jackie had gathered on her scavenger hunt. It was as close to a perfect weekend as I could imagine. We each got to show the other how deeply known and loved we are, and we celebrated that love surrounded by our friends, family and queer community.” ― Beth W.
10. Amber + Courtney
"Our driver dropped us off on the wrong block so we had to navigate our way through the rainy streets of New York. All the while, I was trying not to give away where we were going. We were lost, jaywalking streets, getting caught in traffic in the rain, until we finally found our way. We rode the elevator to the top of the building, where a gentleman walked us up to a door. Courtney didn't know what was behind it until it opened. Immediately, we were met with candles lit, lining the rooftop floor, leading us out to a terrace that overlooked a beaming Empire State Building. The rain had stopped. As I turned to grab Courtney’s hand and lead her out, she immediately melted into a million happy tears and knew this was the moment we had both been waiting for. I walked her out to the middle of the terrace and made a promise of family, love and happiness. I said, 'My mom used to tell me when I was kid, as we said our prayers at night, to thank God every night for the things you don’t want to wake up tomorrow without. It never made complete sense what that meant until I met you.'" ― Amber P.
11. Alli + Chris
Courtesy of Alli L.
"I proposed to Christiane on our four-year anniversary. We drove up to this great little trail in northwestern Connecticut and hiked up to a quiet vantage point to watch the sunrise. This was a pretty typical way for us to enjoy a day together or celebrate something like a birthday or anniversary. She noticed me fumbling around with a bunch of cameras but I was able to come up with an excuse about wanting to photograph the sunrise. As the sun started to come up over the horizon, I gave Chris her anniversary present: a children’s book I had written that told our story. It all led up to the last page, which read, 'Will you marry me?' She said yes, and we got to watch a beautiful sunrise!..."
"... Later, Chris proposed to me and surprised me with a ring when we were taking some engagement photos with Steph Grant in Yosemite National Park. They planned the whole thing without me knowing, so I got a sunrise proposal too." ― Alli L.
12. Angela + Ashley
"I met Angela over six years ago through mutual friends during my first year of university. When I met her, I already knew who she was and knew that we were in nutrition class together. However, I pretended to 'play it cool' and didn't let it show that I was already infatuated with her. I told her that we should sit together in class and maybe study together. Eventually, it became pretty obvious that I was crazy for her. Angela has always been into huge gestures and doing over-the-top romantic things. For example, when she asked me to be her girlfriend, she pulled over into a parking lot, dressed up in a Pikachu onesie because I was her 'Ash' and serenaded me with items while blasting the song that we first kissed to. Fast forward to five years later, we both finished school and traveled to many countries together. We were on a trip to NYC in December 2017. We had already looked at rings prior to going, as we both knew that we'd found the person we wanted to spend our entire lives with. I had no idea that the proposal would actually happen in NYC, but it was in the back of my mind. On our third day in NYC, we were getting ready to go and explore Brooklyn. I was taking my time getting ready, even stopped for a coffee, because what's the rush? Well, I guess I should have rushed because Angela had hired a secret photographer to capture the engagement. We slowly walked across the bridge. At the other end, facing the Manhattan skyline, Angela got down on one knee and asked me to be her wife. As ecstatic as I was, I was wishing I could have asked her. Well, she knew I would want to ask and also brought her own engagement ring. I pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked her to be my wife too." ― Ashley

Stories have been edited for clarity and style.

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