Man Attempts Guinness Glory By Climbing Stairs On His Head

Someone has a truly numb skull.

He’s definitely headstrong.

China-based athlete Li Longlong is longing for some glory from Guinness World Records and he’ll stand on his head to get it.

As the video above shows, Longlong recently appeared on the Guinness World Records Italian Show in an attempt to break his previous record for “most consecutive stairs climbed on the head.”

Back in 2012, he managed to climb 34 stairs, but wanted to see if he could beat that record by at least two.

As you might expect, this record is pretty heady, as these GIFs amply demonstrate. 

Sadly, this record attempt led to a head-crushing defeat two separate times when the show was taped in January.

As the video shows, the first time Longlong climbed 36 steps, he was disqualified because he paused twice for more than five seconds, a violation of Guinness World Records rules for the event.

Longlong came back to the show a week later and was disqualified by touching the stairs with his hands at one point.

However, Longlong used his head: A short time after this failed record attempt, also in January, he tried again on Chinese TV and set a new record of 36 steps. 



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