Liam Backhouse Kicks, Slams Dudley The Puppy In GRAPHIC VIDEO

A man in England has been convicted of animal abuse charges after his neighbor filmed him throwing and kicking a puppy.

Liam Backhouse, 23, was sentenced to 80 days in jail on Tuesday after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the 13-week-old puppy, Dudley, ITV News reported.

Video taken by a neighbor and released by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shows Backhouse abuse the animal for almost a full hour on Nov. 19 of last year.

The graphic video shows the bull terrier helplessly run from his then-owner as Backhouse picks up Dudley, throws him on the ground, and kicks him repeatedly.

At one point, Dudley's head can be seen trapped in a door as Backhouse appears to push harder, then slam the door on his head. The puppy's terrified yelps are disturbing.

Investigator Will Lamping told ITV News that when investigators arrived, the dog was covered in bruises and limping after almost a full hour of abuse.

"This incident is one of the worst incidents of animal cruelty I've seen...just due to the severity of the attack and the length of time it went on for," Lamping said. "[Backhouse] clearly had several chances to stop the attack and think about what [he] was doing, but instead chose to carry on and continue to abuse a defenseless animal."

Along with time spent in jail, Backhouse will be unable to own another animal for seven years, according to The Daily Mail.

Despite the abuse, Dudley's story has a happy ending.

Though first hesitant, Dudley has now warmed up to his new owner, RSPCA Inspector Chris Towler.

"When we lifted him up initially, he would just go absolutely rigid, and his legs would stick out as if waiting for something to happen," Towler told ITV News. "It took probably about two to three weeks of gently picking him up, using soothing voices, and making him realize being picked up was not a bad thing before we got the first tail wag."

Backhouse also pleaded guilty to blunt force trauma and rough handling charges.



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