Liam Hemsworth Talks Big Film Debut That Never Happened On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

Liam Hemsworth told "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that he nearly got himself into big trouble with his friends back home. It was all over the big film role that would have launched his career, but ultimately never happened.

Back in 2009, when Sylvester Stallone was casting the first "Expendables" movie, Hemsworth was back in Australia waiting for his big break. He auditioned for the movie, and impressed. So much so that Stallone himself called and offered Hemsworth the role.

Hemsworth said he went wild and celebrated with his friends, but he may have gone too far. "I’d kind of said this," he said, gesturing with his middle finger, "to all my friends." Then, two weeks later, he got word that the role had been written out of the movie.

"Now it wasn’t going to happen. In my head ... I didn’t even care that I hadn’t got the part," Hemsworth said. "I was like, ‘What am I going to tell my friends now?’ What am I going to say?'"

Luckily, Hemsworth made a strong enough impression on Stallone that when a younger character was written into the story for "The Expendables 2," he got that part instead. And just as he'd hoped, his career has only blossomed since then.

His latest, the thriller "Paranoia" co-starring Harrison Ford, hits theaters on Friday. And he's going to get another big boost when he takes a role in the third film in the "Hunger Games" series. The second film, "Catching Fire," hits theaters on November 22.

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