Liam Hemsworth 'Didn't Eat For Weeks' To Prepare For Shirtless Scene In 'The Dressmaker'

Not a great diet plan.

Even Liam Hemsworth gets shy about his body. 

The Australian actor, who bares almost all in his upcoming film “The Dressmaker,” recently spoke with E! News about how he prepared for the scene. (Note: It’s probably not the best diet advice.)

“I didn’t eat for weeks,” Hemsworth joked, later adding that he did some pushups in his trailer before going out on set. “Anytime you’re going to come out and take your top off, it’s good to do a couple of pushups ... It’s very difficult to come out and just take your clothes off.”

Hemsworth’s costar Kate Winslet, who was also in the interview, admitted that she would often hear Hemsworth’s stomach growling. 

The two, who seem to have pretty adorable chemistry, admitted that while they were on set, they were more than aware the shirtless scene would be the only thing people wanted to talk about. 

“When we were shooting the scene, I said to Liam, ‘You know what the press questions are going to be, don’t you?’” Winslet said, to which Hemsworth responded, “I knew that scene would be the one photo that grabbed from the film.” 

“But you do look fabulous,” Winslet assured him. 

Well, we have to agree:

“The Dressmaker” hits theaters on Sept. 23. You can check out the trailer below:



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