Liam Hemsworth Was Sexy In His Underwear In An Old 'Satisfaction' Clip Jay Leno Found (VIDEO)

Liam Hemsworth had to face his past on "The Tonight Show." It's one of Jay Leno's favorite tricks, and digging into Hemsworth's past provided quite a treat for the host and his audience. It was a clip of Hemsworth from the Australian show "Satisfaction." Hemsworth played a teenager in the show, and he was in nothing but his underwear.

“Yeah. Just a sock," Hemsworth said. He then offered a woman his banana. No, really. He unpeeled an actual banana and offered it to her. "Come on, try the banana," he said. It was so ridiculous, it was hilarious.

The crowd went wild, but Hemsworth probably wasn't too thrilled with it. He told Details Magazine a few years back that his "Satisfaction" role was one he never wanted anyone to see again. And now, everyone's seen it. At least he's moved on to bigger and better projects, like "The Hunger Games" film franchise. The second film in the series, "Catching Fire," hits theaters on November 22.

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