Liam Hemsworth, 'Hunger Games' Star, Gets $20,000 For Charity For Eating 45 White Castle Hamburgers

When Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson go to White Castle, the plot unfolds exactly how you would expect it to.

The two split about 90 burgers total -- and then puked it all up in Hutcherson’s garden.

Hemsworth recently opened up to Jimmy Kimmel about how “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle” had a “deep impact” on him as a teen growing up in Australia and how he was determined to satisfy his craving once he arrived to the U.S. So, while filming the first “Hunger Games,” Hemsworth joined Hutcherson at his home in Kentucky and the two bought three “briefcases” full of burgers. The two ate the patties and then proceeded to vomit them up together.

Once White Castle caught wind of the pair’s all-American outing, they offered to induct Hemsworth into the “White Castle Hall of Fame” and to donate $20,000 to a charity of his choice, a representative told TMZ.

That’s definitely something we crave…



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