Liam Neeson Fails At Comedy In Ricky Gervais' New Show 'Life's Too Short' (VIDEO)

If Ricky Gervais was responsible for nothing else in his life beyond Patrick Stewart's guest spot on "Extras," he would still still go down as a comedy legend. But if this clip from "Life's Too Short" is any indication, Gervais has much more where that came from.

This time, Liam Neeson tells Gervais and Stephen Merchant that he plans on trying out comedy. Now, you may not think of Liam Neeson as a particularly funny actor. But his sincere misunderstanding of how comedy functions makes this one of the funniest scenes we've ever seen.

Because if you've never seen Liam Neeson try (and fail) to act out an improv scene about AIDS, or insist with a straight face that he was cast in "Schindler's List" because Steven Spielberg knew he was good at making lists, you must watch this right now. Who knew that Liam Neeson's true comedic talent lies in how deadly serious he is? The funniest moments of "Extras" involved classically trained actors spoofing themselves, such as the Stewart episode and Sir Ian McKellen's explanation of "acting."

"Life's Too Short" premiered on BBC Two on Nov. 10, and focuses on the 3 foot, 6 inch actor Warwick Davis, who plays a fictionalized version of himself. Like "Extras," HBO will broadcast the series next year after its BBC run.

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