Liam Neeson And Patrick Stewart Preside Over 'Star Wars' Vs. 'Star Trek' Action Figure Battle On 'The Graham Norton Show' (VIDEO)

It's a war that's raged since "a long time ago," through the 24th century and beyond. "Star Wars" versus "Star Trek." On "The Graham Norton Show" (Sat., 10 p.m. EST on BBC America), one battle was determined with the power of action figures. Both science fiction franchises have enjoyed some of the most lucrative and expansive toy lines ever. And with Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson on as guests, why not let it come down to the toys that depict their famous characters.

Norton had a massive Qui-Gon Jinn figure that was mounted to a base. When activated, the figure spoke: "May the Force be with you." It then proceeded to mime a lightsaber battle that seemed to go on and on forever. Norton called the display "impressive," while Neeson laughed that it seemed more "never-ending" to him.

Stewart's laughter was bigger, though, when Norton revealed his figure. The Captain Jean-Luc Picard figure he chose was first of all half the size of Jinn. Then, it was half transparent -- "I've got no legs," Stewart laughed -- as it was supposed to depict him mid-transport. When Norton activated it, the transporter sounds emanated for a short while, but nothing else happened. In fact, the Jinn figure seemed so disappointed in Picard's showing that it actually activated and swung its lightsaber a few more times.

While the war between the franchises may never fully be decided by their passionate fanbases, this battle appears to have gone the way of "Star Wars." At least Picard appeared to be well on his way to escaping to fight again.

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