Liam Neeson Curses On SportsCenter: 'Are We Live? Oh, Sh**' (VIDEO) [NSFW]

Liam Neeson appeared on an episode of SportsCenter on Wednesday as he is doing the media rounds to promote "Taken 2." Since Neeson lives in New York, ESPN anchor Mike Hill asked him about those turbulent New York Jets.

Despite having been in attendance at the Jets' 34-0 loss to San Francisco on Sunday, Neeson seemed a bit unsure when Hill asked him if he can "act like the Jets are good this year."

While he didn't have quite the same commanding take on the team as Rex Ryan did following the blowout, Neeson did manage to go profanity for profanity with the head coach. The key difference would be that Neeson's cursing was more out of surprise than anger. Apparently, he didn't realize that the interview was airing live.

"We better start again," he said after failing to come up with a quick answer to the question about the Jets. "Are we live? Oh, shit."

Neeson noted that it was only the second American football game that he has been to and admitted he doesn't fully understand the rules yet. Trying to save the segment, he said "it was great to celebrate great athleticism."

Presumably, Jets fans were thinking the same thing while stuck in traffic on Route 3 to get home..

Neeson now joins a list that includes Ron Jaworski, Lee Corso and Janusz Michallik who have cursed on ESPN.



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