Westboro Baptist Church Founder's Granddaughter Libby Phelps Poses For NOH8 Campaign

LOOK: Former Westboro Baptist Church Members Poses For NOH8 Campaign

The granddaughter of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps further distanced herself from her family's anti-gay legacy this week by posing for theNOH8 campaign.

Libby Phelps-Alvarez made headlines when she left the Westboro Baptist Church in 2009 and pledged her support for Planting Peace, a not-for-profit advocacy group which bought a house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church compound in Topeka, Kan. and painted it in rainbow colors.

Libby shared the following image, in which she appears alongside her husband, Logan, their newborn son Paxton as well as members of Equality House, on her official Facebook page:

Last year, she expressed her newfound LGBT advocacy work in an Op-Ed for The New York Post.

"The whole family talks about homosexuality, every single day," she wrote of her old church. "And it’s always about how homosexuals are dooming the world. They talk about fornication and divorce, remarriage and adultery, but the main thing is the homosexual lifestyle. It wasn’t a personal hatred toward anybody. We were taught that we were doing a loving thing."

Cindy McCain, Josh Hutcherson, Liza Minnelli and Kathy Griffin are just a few of the other high-profile celebrities to pose for the NOH8 campaign.

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