Liberating Ourselves from Our Dependence on Traditional Careers

As we reflect back on another Independence Day filled with family, fireworks, and food, let us remember the sacrifices that are made every day by members of the armed forces who are serving our great nation. These men and women have pledged their lives to defending America, and with them they bring their amazing support systems made up of their spouses and families. This Independence Day, we also recognize and honor military spouses for their unending resilience and support of our nation's finest.

President Obama recently spoke of the struggles military spouses encounter when trying to obtain and keep meaningful employment throughout their spouses' military careers. According to the President, military families move ten times more often than the average American. He announced that Mrs. Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have rallied state legislatures to help encourage all fifty states to streamline licenses for professions including nurses, childcare providers, accountants, social workers, and more. This is very encouraging news for military spouses who have experience in these fields, as they will not have to be re-certified for every move they make with their soldier.

Companies like Amazon also understand the need to help support military spouses seeking meaningful employment. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, understands the needs of military spouses and has therefore embraced the privilege of hiring many to work remotely for his company. Mr. Bezos was recently quoted saying "[Amazon] is fortunate to have military spouses on our team, too, both in our offices and importantly, in flexible locations."

Another company working actively to hire military spouses is Cielo Talent, whose goal is to acquire exceptionally talented individual s and partner them with organizations to fill their specific employee needs. Cielo Talent recognizes the qualities that military spouses can bring to the table, and they work to connect them with remote jobs that can be done wherever their spouse's military career takes them.

The issue of helping our nation's military spouses find meaningful employment has come a long way in recent years, and many companies are pledging to hire more veterans and their spouses over the coming years. America's Career Force ( was founded in order to help connect qualified military spouses with hiring mangers seeking quality candidates. America's Career Force would like to see every company in the world hire just one military spouse to work remotely from wherever they are stationed in the world. Their aim is to help military spouses overcome all of the struggles faced when seeking employment throughout their multiple relocations across the world. Although we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go.
Help America's Career Force help America's military spouses and Hire Just One.