Librarians Do Gaga At The University Of Washington (VIDEO) ... Awkward Or Amazing?

A group of University of Washington librarians and library science students have made their own rendition of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" -- library-style, of course.

"You got a question that is causing you some pain," the rewritten lyrics go. "Typin' keywords into the search engine again." And so on.

According to the Daily of the University of Washington, graduate student Sarah Wachter made the video for a school film festival. It was honored with the "Spirit Award."

The Daily has more on the video's creation:

...Wachter came up with the idea and did all the filming and editing.

"It took about two weeks total, and I probably spent about 16 hours editing, which was the hardest part," Wachter said.

Receiving no class credit or fulfilling any graduation requirements, the video was simply for fun. She shot and produced the video on her own time.

Blogger Perez Hilton called the video "positively awkward." Or is it amazing? Decide for yourself, and leave a comment!