Library Staff Proves 'Synchronized Shelving' Needs To Be In Olympics

Move over synchronized swimming -- meet synchronized shelving.

Maybe the Olympics oughta take a page out of these guys’ books.

A video shared on the New Zealand’s Invercargill City Libraries and Archives’ Facebook page features some of its staff participating in “synchronized shelving.”

After seeing the video, you’ll probably agree with the video’s description, saying there should be a petition to get the “sport” added as an Olympic event.

Watch as the “athletes” put the pizzazz into their shelving duties, performing a fabulous routine with coordinated arm movements and book tosses. It all looks pretty spectacular ― disregarding that little tumble at the 13-second mark.

Unfortunately, though the crew didn’t get perfect scores from their tough-critic colleagues they definitely won gold in our hearts.

So seriously, folks. Let’s make synchronized shelving a thing.

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