Libya Black African Migrants Forced To Eat Flag (WARNING: Disturbing Video)

HORROR: Migrants Caged, Forced To Eat Flag

A recent video purporting to show black African migrants being force-fed Muammar Gaddafi's flag has surfaced, underscoring alleged abuses of migrant workers in Libya since the fall of the regime.

In the video, a group of men are seen sitting on the floor inside of a cage with their hands tied behind their backs.

According to RT, the voice of a man off-camera demands that the men eat the all-green Libyan flag used under Gaddafi's rule. "Eat the flag, you dog. Patience you dog, patience," he says.

After the death of Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader, rebel fighters began "an immediate hunt" for his former loyalists. African migrants in particular have been targeted on suspicion of being Gaddafi mercenaries.

"Racism and the belief that [Gaddafi] heavily recruited sub-Saharan mercenaries during the war have made dark-skinned Libyans and black Africans a recurring target of theft, and abuse by armed brigades, according to rights groups," AFP reports.

Thousands of African migrant workers have reportedly been detained illegally. According to the BBC, evidence suggests that some of the former rebels "engaged in a violent campaign of abuse and intimidation against the black immigrant community in Tripoli" immediately following Gaddafi's death.

Last month, Amnesty International released a statement condemning "widespread abuses" by armed Libyan militias enjoying blanket impunity.

WARNING: Footage below contains disturbing content.

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