Libya: Women Lead The Way In Covering Rebel Advance Into Tripoli (VIDEO)

Women led the way in the coverage of the rebel advance into the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Sunday night.

Opposition forces (aided by NATO and the US) swept into Tripoli and quickly captured much of the city. News networks, which had mostly taken their eye off the Libyan war, quickly turned their sights to the country and began round-the-clock coverage of what was described repeatedly as the last day of the Gaddafi regime. On Sky News, on Al Jazeera and on CNN, viewers saw women correspondents sweep in with them, often in helmets and flak jackets, and produce intense, riveting accounts of what was happening around them.

On Al Jazeera, Zeina Khodr gave a report from Green Square, in the heart of Tripoli, that was replayed for hours. Surrounded by cheering and gunfire, she said that Triploi was "now in the hands of the opposition." She was also pushed by rebel soldiers as she gave her report.


Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford was the first to bring viewers pictures from Tripoli. She rolled in on a rebel convoy, saying she was wearing a helmet because so many celebratory bullets were flying around her.


And on CNN, Sara Sidner traveled into Tripoli and found herself in what she described as an extremely tense situation. Crouched behind a building, she reported amidst gun battles and heavy fighting.