'Lick This' App Teaches Oral Sex Via Phone-Licking

Get Better At Oral Sex By Licking Your Phone

When it comes to oral sex, maybe it's time to start phoning it in.

Lick This, a new App by San Francisco-based team "Club Sexy Time," promises to let users hone their cunnilingus skills by licking their smartphones, according to Fast Company.

The app requires no download; you just go to lickthisapp.com on your mobile browser and start tonguing away at your phone screen. The site suggests that you "wrap it up" by putting some plastic wrap over the screen. This is presumably because your cell phone is dirtier than a toilet seat.

Once you've fashioned your makeshift dental dam, it's time to get licking. At this time, there are three exercises available for budding cunning linguists.

  • "Up n' Down," which challenges users to flick a light switch up and down as quickly as possible.

  • "Circles," which has users move the handle of a mechanical pencil sharpener around as quickly as possible.
  • "Freestyle," which asks users to use their tongue as an implement to jab at a beach ball bouncing seemingly at random around the screen.
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