Licorice Recipes That'll Help You Get Your Fix

It makes the best ice cream, cupcakes and more.

If you're a fan of licorice and you live in the U.S., you've long suffered the lack of choices when it comes to enjoying this anise flavor. Sure, there are the black-colored Jelly Belly beans (which always get left behind) and licorice wheels, but let's be honest now and admit that it's simply not enough. The French have licorice-flavored aperitifs and the Nordic countries happily add the flavor to their cakes. But stateside, we're not as lucky.

We understand how hard this licorice shortage is for all you black-colored candy lovers out there, so we at HuffPost Taste gathered a handful of intensely flavored licorice desserts -- whether it be thanks to actual licorice or the use of star anise. Enjoy!

Licorice Brownies
Louise's Spis
Get the Licorice Brownies recipe from Louise's Spis
Yogurt With Caramelized Pistachios And Raw Licorice
Ulf Svane
Homemade Black Licorice
Christina Lane/Food52
Get the Homemade Black Licorice recipe from Dessert for Two via Food52
Licorice Ice Cream
Clockwork Lemon
Get the Licorice Ice Cream recipe from Clockwork Lemon
Honey Roasted Apricot Tart
Feasting at Home
Get the Honey Roasted Apricot Tart recipe from Feasting at Home
Star-Anise Scones
A Wooden Nest
Get the Star-Anise Scones recipe from A Wooden Nest
Poached Guava Ice Cream With Star Anise
Drizzle & Dip
Licorice Smoothie Parfait
Black Licorice Caramels
A Farm Girl Dabbles
Get the Black Licorice Caramels recipe from A Farm Girl Dabbles
Licorice Delight Cupcakes
Get the Licorice Delight Cupcakes recipe from Sweetapolita
Pimms & Star Anise Stewed Dried Pears
Food and the Fabulous
Get the Pimms & Star Anise Stewed Dried Pears recipe from Food and the Fabulous
Licorice-Flavored Creme Brulee

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