These Lying Fans Say They're Already Watching The Tokyo Olympics On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

They didn't hesitate to comment on ponies drowning in water polo and an athlete's torn "ACLU."

Give these Olympics fans on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” a medal: They enthusiastically commented on what’s happening in the Tokyo Games, even though they don’t start until July 23. (Watch the video below.)

Maybe these folks are so eager for the competition after a year’s delay that they really, really believe it’s on already. Or maybe they’re just world-class prevaricators.

In an installment of “Lie Witness News” ― shared by the late night show on Tuesday after posting on Facebook earlier this month ― these people on the street go faster, higher, stronger in their responses to all the ponies drowning in water polo, “Nancy Harding” and her torn “ACLU,” and a whole lot of other podium-worthy B.S.