Lieberman, Laser Planes Mocked On "Daily Show" (VIDEO)

Lieberman, Laser Planes Mocked On "Daily Show" (VIDEO)

Sen. Joe Lieberman is letting his fervent support for prototype laser jets be known. The Connecticut independent this week protested the decision by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to terminate spending on a costly Boeing-produced "Airborne Laser."

On Wednesday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart highlighted Lieberman's complaints about the defense spending cut. (Gates says the aircraft has "significant affordability and technology problem" and its "proposed operational role is highly questionable" -- or, as Stewart translates, it's a "expensive, useless piece of sh*t.")

Lieberman disagrees. He joined other Senators in writing to President Obama that the cuts undermine U.S. national security, and told FOX News the Airborne Laser is a "really important program" since it gives the military the "unique capacity to hit a missile in boost phase before it even gets into its normal arc." Stewart condenses the complaint: "Please don't take away my laser plane."


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