7 Lies About LGBT Musicians We Need To Stop Telling Immediately

When Sam Smith offhandedly told a U.K. tabloid that he doesn't like Tinder or Grindr as a way to meet men, the media wrecked him. Gawker came to the absurd conclusion, via thinly veiled homophobia, that since he doesn't personally use those apps, Smith's gay conservatism is a clever ruse to sell albums by not being "too gay." Smith once tweaked his lyrics to make them gender-neutral and caused an uproar for not being "gay enough." Gawker remarked, "Smith's attempt here is about as futile as it would be for him to try and seem less gay with a dick in his mouth." Thought Catalog followed up with another, more obviously homophobic article, "Sam Smith Is a Selfish Person and That's a Shame."

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