Liespotting Tom Brady: The Four Big Tells

Liespotting Tom Brady

Four of Tom Brady's Biggest Deception Indicators

Those of us in the deception detection community spotted Tom Brady's deceptive behavior early on -- he was leaking verbal and non-verbal tells throughout his press conference. Deceptive tells are never proof of deception, but they do give a smart investigator red flags and assistance in getting to the truth and knowing where to aim the hard questions. If you want to learn the telltale signs of deception, take a look at these videos for starters:

1. Uses qualifying language when asked " Is Tom Brady a Cheater?"

Truth-Teller: No I'm not a cheater. Let me give you some important facts to help you.
Brady : I don't believe so... I feel like I have always played within the rules.

2. Words and body language don't line up

Truth-Teller: Expresses anger at being wrongly accused, takes accusation seriously.
Brady: Smiles inappropriately, expresses contempt, Says " I believe in fair play" while shaking head "no."

3. Lenient Punishment: It's not my job to say!

When asked who should be held accountable, and how they should be punished, truthtellers and liars behave differently.

Truth-Teller: Kick them out of the company, kick them out of the game, strictest punishment!
Brady : Its not really my job to say...

4. Relies on his own signature phrase that is associated with contempt

Truth-Teller: Will be cooperative and show he is on your side-be eager to convey facts.
Brady: Says the word "obviously" over and over and over in one press conference -- significantly more than his baseline use of the term. In this case it was not at all "obvious" what had happened. He uses the term to distance those looking hard, and relies on it as his own personal way of expressing contempt.