Life After Cancer - An Instagram Model's Inspiring Story

You may only have a few followers on social media but that doesn't mean you can't make a difference. It doesn't have to be in a grand way. It can be as simple as sharing a positive outlook on life or a fun moment. Just look at Chewbacca mom and her contagious laughter that was enough to go viral. These simple joys can remind one person, or millions, why they should keep fighting, why they should keep smiling even when life is... life.

Linn Lowes is a great example of how to spread positivity on social media. While at first glance she may seem like your average Insta-model, she's more than a six-pack with blue eyes. Lowes not only promotes healthy living but also the power to overcome anything.

When she was just 26, Linn was diagnosed with cancer. But she doesn't want the disease to define her. She didn't let cancer become the end of her life and after she beat it, set out to show her 'Life AFTER Cancer' through social media. Now a self-proclaimed "fitnessjunkie", a nutrition counselor, and personal trainer, Lowes is setting an example for those who might be giving up, showing that there is an end to the battle. She's living, literal proof of the clichéd maxim, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

So instead of filling your timelines with pictures of fancy cars, expensive meals, and getting wasted at the bar, start following people who inspire you to be the better version of yourself. Stop using social media as a place to envy what you don't have and start using it as motivation to reach more realistic goals.

Ron Parida is the creator of 'The Happiness Stories', which focuses on motivational stories from inspiring people around the world. Follow his work on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.