17 Ways Divorce Makes You Stronger


When you're going through divorce, you have to trust that living alone will eventually start to feel normal. You'll get used to walking through the front door and not having to shout, "Hey, I'm home!" You'll feel confident heading to dinner parties and events sans spouse -- and you won't feel the need to explain why he or she is missing to every person you run into.

And with time, you might even start to realize you've not only gotten used to life after divorce, you're a better, more resilient person because of it.

That's something HuffPost Divorce readers can back up with experience. On Monday, they shared with us the many ways they became stronger after divorce. Read their responses below, then head to the comments and tell us how splitting up made you a stronger person.

1. "Divorce gave me a chance to be myself without having to be what someone else demanded me to be. No more walking on eggshells."

2. "Divorce taught me not to let fear be my chauffeur, to drive my own life."

3. "It's shown me that I'm a much stronger person than I could ever imagine. I'm capable of moving mountains to keep my kids safe."

4. "Not having anyone to fall back on made me learn to rely on myself."

5. "I realized I was strong enough to survive all on my own. Losing so much so fast brings things into perspective."

6. "After my divorce I realized I can do anything that I put my mind to. I have learned to run an entire house on my own, even the yard work!"

7. "I learned to set boundaries and not accept unacceptable behavior."

8. "I'm stronger today because I can do what I want, when I want and how I want!"

9. "I believe in myself more than ever."

10. "I learned that there was nothing to lose and everything to gain by finally living as my authentic self."

11. "I found the inner strength I thought I had lost years ago. Getting a divorce spurred me on to earn two degrees and take care of myself."

12. "My divorce made me appreciate life and realize I have control over my future. I can achieve success now on my own terms."

13. "I grew closer to God after my divorce. It was the best blessing I could have ever asked for."

14. "I finally learned to be my own person. I learned to be independent."

15. "Divorce taught me to be real and have a real perspective on marital issues. I'm now in my second marriage I don't feel like I have to prove myself."

16. "After going through divorce, I decided that no man will ever bring me down again."

17. "It made me realize that the image I had of love was unrealistic and I had to find a new definition. My next relationship will be stronger because of that."

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