Two Ways To Get Over The End Of 'Serial'

Two Ways To Get Over The End Of 'Serial'

"Serial" has come to an end, which makes this as good a time as any to listen to "Life After Serial." Created by Soundcloud user Fafu, the mashup combines the podcast's haunting theme song with Notorious B.I.G.'s "Somebody’s Gotta Die" and includes clips from the show.

If that's not enough, Mark Henry Phillips, the show's composer, has released the "Serial" score online.

"I tried to focus on Sarah Koenig's journey and what she was feeling. That was the key for me," Phillips said in a press release announcing the soundtrack was available. "When she finds a new piece of information she might be excited, so the music can reflect that. More than anything, like us, her biggest feeling seems to be one of ambivalence. She just doesn't know what to think. That's what I was trying to capture with the music. I wanted it to feel like you were in a foggy scene at night and you had no idea where you were."

Phillips wasn't alone in crafting the musical sound of "Serial." Nick Thorburn wrote the theme song and some other key tracks.

"Every time I hear [Thorburn's theme] I get it excited because it means there's a new episode of the show," Phillips said in the release. "But when I was mixing the show the theme was sort of a signpost that it was beginning or ending so I definitely wanted to make the score sound as different as possible."

And if all of that still doesn't fill the void left by "Serial," there's always the Miley Cyrus mashup.

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