Life Coaches: Could You Benefit From Hiring Your Own? (VIDEO)

Why You Might Want To Get A Life Coach

While there are over 150,000 books in's "self-help" category, there's no single manual for this thing we call life. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't explore ways to make ourselves better.

Enter the life coach: A trained professional who can help you figure out what you're good at and develop strategies so you can run with your talents.

How, you might wonder, could you benefit from having someone else tell you what your skills are? "It's extremely helpful to have someone mirror back and help us see about ourselves what might be a little invisible or caught in the land of habit so that we can pick something much more innately creative," Janet Harvey, President and Director of Training for inviteCHANGE tells HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd.

Does this just sound like a shrink to you? Marthe Hagen, a motivational writer and freedom coach at The Freedom Experiment, gives an analogy to explain the difference: "A life coach is very much like a personal trainer where as a therapist will be more like your doctor."

Starting to think a life coach might be in your future? Or does the profession seem like a hoax for your money? Watch the HuffPost Live segement above, then tell us your perspective in the comments below.

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