12 Incredibly Useful Home Hacks All Resourceful People Should Know

Hacks on hacks on hacks.

When you're running low on supplies, patience or time, it's important to have a few resourceful hacks in your back pocket. That's why we've rounded up some of the most useful hacks out there to get you out of sticky situations.

From throwing ice cubes in the dryer to using Legos in a very unique way, these 12 tips will make you feel like MacGyver in your own house:

1. If your shirt is wrinkled, throw it in the dryer with ice cubes instead of ironing.

2. Put the wooden part of a popsicle through a cupcake liner to prevent dripping.

3. Lightly spritz vodka on a bare mattress to kill bacteria and germs.

4. Pick up broken glass with a piece of moist bread. Just dampen it and use it like a sponge.

5. Use a Lego to hold your some of your pesky cords.

6. Put a wet towel underneath a cutting board to keep it from moving.

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7. Use salt to clean up freshly spilled red wine (it absorbs the wine, making the stain less noticable).

8. To dry wet shoes, put crumpled up newspaper in them to soak up the moisture.

9. Use a lint roller to pick up dust if you don't have a mop or Swiffer handy.

10. Save a shirt button with clear nail polish.

11. Coffee ice cubes will prevent iced coffee from watering down.

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12. To save paper towels, use a new coffee filter to clean off computer or TV screens.

And if you'd like to check out any more summertime life hacks before the last rays of the season are gone, check out the video below:

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