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7 Home Life Hacks From Your Grandma, As Interpreted By 'The Golden Girls' (PHOTOS)

Your grandmother was a wise person who had more experience running a household than most of us. So, who else would be uniquely qualified to dispense life hacks? We've rounded up the most...priceless...words of wisdom from our dear grandmas and captured their essence with photos of everyone's honorary grandmothers: Rose, Blanche, Sophia and Dorothy from "The Golden Girls."

1. One protects your soul, the other protects your door. What's more important?
lifehacks from grandma

2. This is one way to cut down on your chores by 90%.
lifehacks from grandma

3. The only product you need in your life.
lifehacks from grandma

4. Who knew?
lifehacks from grandma

5. One roll can last a year if you play your cards right.
lifehacks from grandma

6. This tool can perform the job of twenty.
lifehacks from grandma

7. Make your emergency stash a decorative focal point.
lifehacks from grandma

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