Living Your Life as a Work of Art

This starts a series that explores living a life as a work of art, one of the fundamental inquiries of ART BEAUTY LIFE blog. Your thoughts and experiences in relation to this inquiry would definitely enrich my journey and probably yours -- please feel free to comment at the end of the post.

A work of art is something admired and looked for; it is special and unique; it requires a skill and inspiration; it exists inside of creation and appreciation. What if we were to apply this high standard to living our lives?

When people think of their dream lives, they imagine a set of perfect circumstances, things that they want to have and how great they will then feel about all of it. This is no life, it is just a fantasy. Real life, on the other hand, guarantees a mix of auspicious and unfavorable circumstances, good luck and events not going according to a plan, as well as won and lost opportunities.


So instead of chasing a "dream life" of the future, why not live the life that is a work of art now?

And whether you are (and I am) taking out garbage or putting kids to sleep, driving to work or star gazing, writing an email to the boss or making love, doing laundry or sky-diving, meditating or grieving a loss, chewing food or walking the dog, arguing on a political topic or picking hair out of the bathtub, opening a door or waiting in line -- how to live your life as a work of art -- both as a challenge and an opportunity -- is right in front of us.

What would make your life a work of art? What qualities does this life have? What kind of a person you gotta be to to live the life that's a work of art?

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