Life Is About Moments, Not Your Pant Size

Life Is About Moments, Not Your Pant Size
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Sure, it's an awful angle, not professional, and messy. That is honest parenthood, friends.

I'm also fat. But I won't delete it. You know why? It's beautiful. Being fat doesn't make me not beautiful. It's a description. That's it. The meaning I put behind it is up to me. How I feel about myself today is up to me. I’ve learned to love myself in the moment regardless of what changes I’m working toward.

My nine year old captured a moment of me and two of my daughters being silly and laughing. Those smiles are GORGEOUS. Memories are priceless. Life is about moments, not your pant size. These kids are loved and capturing their childhood is beautiful. And those socks are rad.

No matter what insecurities you are dealing with, changes you want to make, or the quality of the picture... if you are in it with your children and making memories that is all that matters. If a picture bothers you ask yourself if when you look back on it in 10 years will you wish you had deleted it, or will you be happy you kept evidence of that moment with your children?

You are beautiful. Your children see your true beauty. Capture it with them... without fear.

This is what raising a self love generation looks like.

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