Life Is Like a Rubik's Cube

A friend once said to me, "I find that life is like a Rubik's Cube. Sometimes all the squares line up and sometimes they just don't!"

I love this analogy. I can completely relate to it.

There are so many different elements that make up our lives: health, relationships, work, finances etc. How often do they come together, neatly creating that perfect square of color, not just on one side but on all?

I remember as a child feeling so frustrated with the game. I just couldn't get the hang of it. So one day I decided to peel all the colored squares off the Rubik's cube and stick them back on to make it look as though I had won and successfully completed the challenge, only to find out that It doesn't really work. The edges of the peeled off squares soon start to curl on their own, announcing my guilty secret: I had cheated.

I guess it's the same in life. There is no point in cheating -- the edges will only curl on their own if we force things. We just have to have faith in the knowledge that soon everything will change again and who knows what part of life will align and which will need a little work.

So when life feels good and things feel as though they are all coming together, I will smile because I know it was me that worked hard to get them there!

And in the end, I don't suppose we really want all the squares to line up all the time, do we? If they did, the game would be over and where would be the fun in that?


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