Life Is Too Short For Worry

Sometimes my life feels like it’s stuck in neutral ― like I’m stuck in an endless loop of introduction with no progress. Ugh! It’s during these times in my life that I stop, sit down, close my eyes, and reset my brain for 10 minutes. In doing this, I drop my so-called “problems” from my mind and awaken feeling fresh and energized. Long before I was some new-agey blogger with an agenda, I try to remember the days when my cell phone wasn’t always within reach and I wasn’t always running in circles. Here is a list of “things” and problems I found myself worrying about far too often before I started living for today. Tomorrow may never be here so why spend your precious moments in worry?

Life is too short to worry about…

– Being Perfect

There really is no such thing! You need to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are. If you don’t love something about yourself, change it! But never worry about being perfect. Just learn, grow and continue moving forward.

– What People Think

I used to be someone who was always worried about what other people thought of me. I didn’t want to upset anyone or would always try to blend in. thankfully those days are long gone. Now I feel so free to be myself. Life is too short to worry about other people’s opinions. Live your life for yourself. You only get one chance at it.

– Growing Older

Guilty. As many of you know I will be turning 30 this year and it’s hitting me harder than I expected it to. When you are younger and you think of a higher age it’s always with disgust. Since there really isn’t anything we can do about it, we might as well embrace it to the fullest. With age comes wisdom. Use it!

– The Past

We have all faced obstacles in our past. There’s no need to run from or be ashamed of who you are or where you came from, but don’t let what happened to you distract you from your personal goals. Learn from your hardships, and continue to fight harder. The only way you can continue being effected by something that already happened is if you allow it. Let go and let God!

– A Messy House

I love a clean house just as much as the next person, but I do not freak out about messes. There is a time and a place for everything and when your kids are running around being silly and having fun, that is not the time for stressing out. The broom and mop will be there long after the kids move out, but those silly sounds of laughter and joy won’t be. And yes, I know the difference between dirty and lived in. Life is too short to worry about a messy living room.

– Bills

Taxes and death are far from the only guarantees you will have in life. You’ll repeatedly have your heart broken, you will love deeply, tomorrow will not be the same as today. And you’ll have a hard time in life without paying bills. Whether they are monthly, quarterly, or annually, unfortunately bills are relentless. If you ignore them, they only get bigger, louder, and more destructive. Nobody wants that. The thing is: we all have bills… and letting them run your life isn’t going to improve the quality any time soon. Life is too short to worry about bills.

– Haters

Think about all the celebrities we don’t really care about: Justin Bieber is severely overrated and LeBron James is no Michael Jordan. Regardless of how you may feel about these people, they do have successful careers. They get their share of hate mail, but successful people continue doing what they’re doing so why wouldn’t we? Life is too short to worry about the people trying to bring you down. No matter who you are, you are going to have haters if you are doing it right.

– What Other People Are Doing

If you’re constantly following the example of others, you’ll never get ahead in life. They’re not paying your bills or putting food on your table. Be sure to walk your own path and be an inspiration to others. Life is far too short to worry about what other people are doing. Put that time and energy into a better you.

– The Small Stuff

Little things go wrong every day in life. This morning I woke up late, was a dollar short for a tea, got splashed by a car walking through the parking lot, tripped going up the stairs, and realized my zipper was down for a really important meeting. So what! If you consider that a bad day, you’re archiving your life all the wrong way. Instead of getting frustrated by the little things, focus on all the positives. The sunrise, your children’s laughter, the smell of the fresh air, your favorite food, love of all kinds – there are entirely too many great things happening on a day to day basis to worry about the little annoyances in life. Life is too short to worry about the small stuff.

Life is too short to hold grudges

Life is too short to not be yourself

Life is too short to live with regrets

Life is too short to be scared

Life is too short to lose friendships

Life is too short not to love

Life’s too short to dwell on anything for too long unless it makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Anything else is just a waste of time. Don’t learn the hard way after it’s far too late. Time doesn’t come back.