How to See Life Through Divine-Colored Glasses

How to See Life Through Divine-Colored Glasses
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For more than 10 years, I spent hours at a time, curtains drawn, lamps dimmed, eyes closed, looking for the inner light. This meditation was how I opened myself to the divine within me. Then, one day, my brother Billy, a troubled soul and sometime drug addict, changed all that by telling me an important secret.

"Being in an earthly body limits the way you perceive light. Your eyes can't see the light directly, only the things it shines upon, so the light remains invisible, just like the soul does. The light of the higher worlds makes visible what is invisible on earth: the divine nature of all things. God, or Spirit, or whatever you choose to call it, is undeniable where I am. The light rays that sparkle all around me have a personality of sorts: qualities like wisdom, kindness, compassion and intelligence. As the rays touch me, they erase any harm I suffered in my entire lifetime, physical, mental, emotional or otherwise."

Had Billy said these words when he was still alive, I might have thought he was experiencing drug-induced euphoria. But quite miraculously, my brother shared this with me months after he died. When I first heard Billy speaking to me from the afterlife, I thought grief was making me go a little crazy. But soon I realized it was quite the opposite; through his words, I was receiving spiritual truths that would eventually became a book, a record of my encounters with my dead brother as he journeyed through the afterlife.

Up There, Down Here

To sync with Billy and his new dimension of bliss, I try to emulate what he's doing up there down here. How could I see the divine presence in everything the way my brother did? I started a new ritual, wearing "divine-colored glasses." I'd lie on a soft white rug and imagine floating on a cloud as rays of beneficent intelligence beamed into me with love. The more I practiced this, the more I felt myself surrounded by light that was erasing whatever harm I was feeling at that moment.

Put On Your "Divine-Colored" Glasses

1. Close your eyes and imagine rays of light beaming into you from higher, kinder, more beautiful worlds.

2. Take a few deep breaths and with each inhalation, imagine you are breathing this divine presence filled with understanding and healing deep into your core.

3. Rest in this space for a while; float in it like a warm, soothing pool. Everything in existence, what you can and even what you can't see, is sending you light.

As you practice this, over time, like a baby whose mother showers it with positive energy, you'll feel nurtured and protected. Your mind may ease up on focusing on what is "wrong" and become more attuned to the simple beauty of being alive. Even situations that are difficult or bleak may seem lighter and shift more in your favor. The more you practice being touched by the divine presence, the more you will reflect it.

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