Life Lessons From the Ladies Who Make Us Laugh

Perhaps when you think of great philosophers (if you do think of great philosophers), images of Aristotle, Plato, or Socrates will come to mind. Maybe it is just me, but I find their teachings a little dense. So I found myself looking for modern day philosophers whose style and teachings I could adapt and apply more easily in my own life. And by being the right place at the right time, these great minds appeared -- Amy Schumer and Maya Rudolph. You might think that these funny people only care about making us laugh, but if you listen and dig a little deeper, I think they have a lot to offer. I, for one, would rather learn while I am LMAO, than trying to decipher compound sentences filled with lots of SAT words that probably Aristotle himself never used.


Humor me while I share some amazing insights from Maya Rudolph who gave the commencement speech at my niece's college graduation and Amy Schumer, who opened for Madonna at Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago. I think you will agree that these great minds will ultimately be characterized as great philosophers of our times. Their insights (which I have paraphrased) cover a range of relevant topics -- self-esteem, acceptance, rituals, religions. Take what is relevant and leave the rest. Laughing is optional.


On Progress for Women in Hollywood: It is so exciting to be in an industry that evaluates you solely on your appearance, while every day you are decomposing.

  • On Experiencing Life: Put away your iPhone once in a while.
  • On Accepting Yourself: Perhaps no one told the Kardashians that the faces they were born with were not light suggestions.
  • On Bedtime Rituals: Weed, wine, Ambien, tuck myself in - Goodnight, Moon!
  • On Double Standards: People label me a sex comic. A male comic could pull out his privates (not quite the word Amy used) and people say, "Wow, he's a thinker."
  • On Aging Gracefully: You can never go wrong with sunscreen.
  • On Online Behavior: Find out what you google most. Mine is "Can I drink on these antibiotics?"
  • On Challenges: I was nervous to give my niece a bath. I said to myself - I know I can wash my nieces private parts. I mean, I played the Apollo - how hard can this be?
  • On the Afterlife: Be nice to jerks, because we still don't know the rules to get into heaven.
  • On Communication: Listening is not a passive activity (ok, not funny, but I just liked this one).
  • Now I am not suggesting we abandon Confucius, Descartes and the rest of the gang. But none of those guys starred in movies or had their own TV shows -- just saying.

    Note: 1,3,4,5,7,8 Courtesy of Amy Schumer; 2,6,9,10 Courtesy of Maya Rudolph