Life Lessons Learned From Katt Williams This Week

Earlier this week Katt Williams was all over the media as rumors and alleged facts circulated around the web. The hillariously funny comedian spoke out on various radio shows about several incidents and many fans wondered if in fact the stories circulating around the comedian would impact his shows in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Raleigh, North Carolina. To the surprise of the fans in Raleigh Katt Williams showed up to the show with arm brace and all and in comedic fashion not only addressed his accusations but taught us all much needed life lessons:

Life Is Never That Bad

We all have our good days and we all have our bad days. The popular comedian had no problem addressing that the last 72 hours had been incredibly rough for him. He even admitted that life was bad right now but he recognized that even if life was bad at some point life would get better so why stop now?

Laugh Even When It Hurts With several bruised fingers and a few tetanus shots, Katt Williams literally laughed until it hurt. " I have my horse pills backstage," the comedian said as he grabbed his hand while laughing and obviously fighting tears. "I might be in pay but I'm gonna make it through this show".

It's Okay To Admit You Were Wrong

While everyone may have enjoyed the short lived battle between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart. Williams went on air and apologized to Kevin Hart. "I regrettably apologize for what I said." Moral of he story? We all have days when we are wrong and admitting that and apologizes only proves that you are okay with being the bigger person.

Someone Is Always Cheering For Your Victory
As Katt stepped on the stage he could have been met by disgruntled fans and boos of people who did not want him to show up at his first show since all the controversy around him began; however, the comedian was met with applause and a plethora of love and support.

Always Keep Your Word

As Katt Williams began his sand up routine he admitted that his doctor had suggested that he skip out on his shows in Raleigh and Philly. Katt Williams' response? "You don't know Raleigh and Philly, they will not understand".

It's amazing, even adversary can teach you more than good times ever could.